Why is this guide a friggin steal?

Becoming a Product Designer doesn’t require you to have a formal education. Everyone should have an equal chance to learn Product Design and become great designers. That's why I've decided to make this guide extremely affordable to all for just Rs 6,499 (~$89). This gives you lifetime access to all the content.

Not just that, you also get access to the Super Ultimate Guide to Design Systems as well for no extra cost. Read more about it it's dedicated FAQs.

What's so special about this guide, huh?

There are 3 problems with the resources that are available online today.

• They only cover topics related to core design such as UI, UX, Research, etc. They don’t talk about how the industry works and how to navigate this industry.

• The structure of the content of those resources is often quite disconnected from each other. Designers in the real world work and apply their skills in a very different way.

• They tend to teach a lot of irrelevant things and don't focus on what's more relevant.

The main aim of this guide is to solve the above 3 problems by teaching you the most relevant things through a sensible and practical approach that sets you up for success and makes you industry ready. The structure of this guide is quite unique compared to anything you've seen online. I've shared all the knowledge I've gained throughout my career working with some of the best companies, designers, product managers, and engineers, while designing many amazing products.

How is this different from your FREE YouTube Videos?

There are a few things that differentiate this Guide from my Free YouTube Videos.

• The Guide has been created to bring in a structured format to learn the right skills in the right way, unlike my Free YouTube videos.

• There are dedicated videos that I have created specifically for the Guide which are NOT available on YouTube. You can find them in Module 3 of this Guide.

• You will have access to all the other modules and chapters which has written articles. Just learning how to design is not enough to grow. These articles help you develop the right mindset and perspective to make the most appropriate career choices.

• You get access to 100+ carefully curated resources which I have been collecting and learning from throughout my career.

• You will get access to the Super Ultimate Guide to Design Systems along with the complete Figma file. You can read more about it here.

Will this guide help an absolute noob like me?

This guide is targeted towards those who have a lot of gaps in their skill set that need to be filled. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or you’ve done a few internships or you have a few years of experience. If you have gaps in your skill set that need to be filled, then this is the guide for you.

So, how does this guide work?

Think of this as an advanced self-help guide. This isn't a course. This isn't a boot camp. This isn't a community. There aren't going to be any live classes or pre-recorded video content (except for explaining how to use the Figma files). It’s primarily going to be text-based content.

However, throughout the guide, I'll be sharing YouTube videos and articles that are contextual to the chapter you're in. That way, you will be able to learn contextually.

Is the content going to be updated regularly?

I will continue to release more chapters and resources on a biweekly basis. You can choose to vote for chapters that you would like me to release first on my topics board. You are more than welcome to suggest more topics you would like me to make content on. I intent to make this the best online resource out there, so help me, help you.

How do I get my doubts resolved?

Since this is a self-help guide and there is no concept of community or mentorship, it would not be possible for your doubts to be resolved instantly. However, you can ask your questions through this feedback form. I will try my best to update the guide to answer your doubts and will inform you once it's updated. This way it would help others who may also have similar doubts.

How long will it take to wrap up this guide?

I would encourage you to read the chapter, 'How to learn from this Guide' to get a deeper understanding. But in short, to build a good portfolio and get your first good job you're going to spend most of your time in Module 3 - It's time to get your hands dirty. This is the module where you will get to learn, practice, and put your design skills to the test. The rest of the modules are easy and faster to consume. So in the end it all comes down to how big the gaps in your skill set are. The bigger the gaps, the longer it's going to take.

For someone who is just getting started, I'd say it would take 3-5 months to complete Module 3. In the meantime, you may still continue to learn from the other modules as you see fit.

What if I want feedback on my work?

I've designed most of the chapters in Module 3 in a way such that you can give feedback to yourself and identify mistakes by yourself. However, I do understand that sometimes you may still need more complex and detailed feedback. In the chapter, 'The reality of Design Mentorship', I talk about ways you can approach mentorship.

You'll help me get a good job at the end, right?

It's safe to say that nothing is guaranteed in this profession. It all comes down to how much time you spend, how hard you work, and how regularly you get feedback and practice. But what I can guarantee is that this guide will give you a very practical and logical approach to learn and help you discover everything you need to know to become an industry-standard product designer.

Hello??? What about senior designers?

As of now, the guide is not for those who want to transition into senior roles. But this is definitely on the roadmap.

Can I get my money back, please?

Unfortunately, I would not be able to provide a refund. You are more than welcome to explore the list of chapters and see if this is something you would be interested in before becoming a paid member.

Are you ready to become the designer the industry wants?